A New Worth

Redefining Worth at the Workplace


Minds like Brene Brown have been pushing at the upper limits of work culture and self-worth. As we have seen, the face of work as we know it has taken big steps over the past few decades.


And with global mindsets like the World Economic Forum, larger businesses are looking to take steps towards transparency and sustainability.

This means the workplace of tomorrow will change significantly, but how? 

We will take a look at the four pillars of stakeholder capitalism: People, Principles of Governance, Planet, and Prosperity.


Since each series is a wide range of undertakings, we have broken them down into a format of seasons and episodes. Below are the four seasons for A New Worth.

Season 1:


For so long, employees have been seen as cost to an organization, and this meaning has drilled down into law and accounting. But, as we look forward, we should find new ways to invest in employees to help them grow.

Season 2:


Businesses have to take the place on a global scale and make sure that they are creating with all stakeholders in mind. This means taking care of the planet and meeting new levels of sustainable standards.

Season 3:


We should look to ensure that people have fulfilling lives that they enjoy.

Season 4:


Meeting the bare minimum is no longer enough. For several decades, a sole focus on profit has cut out many of the important parts of the business and has created an environment that uses and abuses all involved.

Sometimes we aren't aware of how much our ignorance keeps us from opening to any opposition. This is where the global citizenship skillset..

The 3 Lenses of Global Citizenship Skills: Understanding the Interconnected World

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