Daring Leadership

Next-Generation Leaders

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We aim to not only be a future leader but to cultivate leadership in our employees. We expect those to grow and keep reaching for new heights. And, at times, there will be rungs on the ladder that goes beyond our organization.

We want to develop employees no matter their projected path, which means we aim to create an extended network of alumni that will continue to change the working world. And with ideas from minds like Brené Brown, we hope to usher in a new era of leaders.


Since each series is a wide range of undertakings, we have broken them down into a format of seasons and episodes. Below are the three seasons for Daring Leadership.

Season 2:

Redefining Leadership

Education policy has shaped education for generations. As we dissect the different government initiatives, we will see what is holding us back and what can push us forward.

Season 3:

Courage Culture

Both internationally and domestically, we will take a look at education from the lens of performance.


A Demand for Bold & Persistent Experimentation

“We the people…” Three words that set the foundations for the United States of America. With terms set out on paper, an entire nation lea...