Education in America

Education News and Policies


In a fast-changing world, it's important to keep track of the newest updates and regulations.

Here, we will follow and dissect the newest developments in the world of education for America.


Since each series is a wide range of undertakings, we have broken them down into a format of seasons and episodes. Below are the four seasons for Education in America.

Season 2:

Education Policy

Education policy has shaped education for generations. As we dissect the different government initiatives, we will see what is holding us back and what can push us forward.

Season 3:

School Performance

Both internationally and domestically, we will take a look at education from the lens of performance.

Season 4:

Minds of Education

There are many minds that have changed the face of education, and we will take a dive into who they are.


The 4 Lenses of College Debt: Is Free College Worth It?

"The cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate." Thomas Jefferson


Sir Ken Robinson: Honoring the Need for Revolutionary Education Reform

With a poem, he drew on the depths of education. What's at stake is much more than learning about information...

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