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Livewired is an innovative tool that can help you develop a sense of flourishment within your organization. With the strength of individual voice and the long-term goal of eudaimonia, it uses multiple disciplines to reach a zone of proximal development 

Value Pillar:

Living Environments

Whether it's a student, employee, or child, we must find ways to cultivate our strengths. For decades, psychology has focused on our weaknesses, but with positive psychology, we can begin to understand our better nature. Crossed with other disciplines, we will develop the environments that allow your organization to flourish. 

Narrative Strategy:

MIssion Connection 

Connecting your employees to the mission of the organization will help bring about a sense of meaning. Understand what's lacking and build on your strengths as you work towards better employee engagement. 

Narrative Strategy:

Management & Leadership

Much of organizational culture comes from you - leadership. With an openness to feedback, you can find what will help you build connections with employees and ensure a more courageous culture.

Narrative Strategy:

Trust & Difficult Conversations 

Being able to bring your full self to work means being able to have those tough conversations. However, in the reach for comfort, we often opt to ignore the elephant in the room. With this strategy, you can discover new ways to develop trust the makes the hard moments a little easier.

Narrative Strategy:

Learning & Creativity 

Stagnation can be one of the toughest obstacles for employees. By integrating learning initiatives and creative opportunities, you give employees ways to develop like never before. and find passion as they step outside of their comfort zone.

On the Horizons

Living Processes

Focus on the journey and find the details that make you special. With this approach, you will develop day-to-day processes that can grow with you.

Flourishing Environments

With a specialized focus on cultivating a flourishing environment, get the tools that help you build for better a tomorrow.

Living Language

The Value of Narrative

Both personally and collectively, much of how we view the world depends on our inner model - narrative and language. What's right and what's wrong? What's possible? And the root of all philosophy: 'why?' It's the foundation of our lives. It governs our ideologies, and with a firmer understanding of our stories, we can grow as individuals and society.

And as one of our oldest technologies, it's something that comes intuitively to all decision-makers. Using this framework gives a flexible way to develop foundational meaning around an inclusive and value-driven culture. 

Narrative Tools

Currently, with 200 hours of research and 9 narrative tools, we can find an individualized strategy that can help your organization flourish. Explore our whitepaper on Narrative in the Workplace.

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