Our Vision

We envision a world where the need for narrative has expanded into something greater. When the framework for communication can grow towards something we can yet know.

Whether it be in this generation or among our distant descendants, the company as we know it today will end with the collective revelation around the power of narrative, and to “show you why narrative has been and, indeed, why it remains our problem.”

This is the utmost responsibility of any vision, as not to continue the cycle of a single truth. And so, the company must push towards a world beyond its own limits.

Growing towards a new world with a living language.

Our Mission

The Human Legacy

Building our ladder to the stars and the bridges to each other.

Project I:

The Voice of Education

Education is the foundation of a healthy society and democracy. The world is shifting, and we need an education system that shifts with it. Locally and globally, our goal here is to help build an educational landscape for the Fourth Industrial Revolution - around the WEF framework of Education 4.0

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Project II:

Shifting Landscapes

As we look towards the future, our narrative will only become harder to understand as all our voices become louder. As we look to keep an eye on what this may mean for us, we will see the world from different perspectives.