On the Horizons

Our Expanding Mission

At Your Service Freelancing

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A company founded in 2020, we aim to keep our eyesight alignment. On the Horizons will hold ideas and visions that we are actively pursuing in our daily operations. Whether it be in the form of employee development, community engagement, or product announcements, you will see it here first.

A mission statement is important, but bringing it to life is equally critical.


Since each series is a wide range of undertakings, we have broken them down into a format of seasons and episodes. Below are the four seasons for On the Horizons.

Season 2:

Daring to Lead Program

Nurturing leadership and supporting future endeavors.

Season 3:

Services OTH

Innovative technologies to bring in a new era of creativity.


A Demand for Bold & Persistent Experimentation

“We the people…” Three words that set the foundations for the United States of America. With terms set out on paper, an entire nation lea...

Season 4: 

Campaigns OTH

The future of our campaigns like the Voice of Education & Voice of Democracy