Living Language

Discovery Through Authenticity and Dignity

Holding for a Better Future

Hold Space for an Infinite Mindset

Though we believe a healthy rivalry can help everyone evolve, competition today has gotten ahead of us. Here, we want to look forward beyond the seen, and dawn in a new era of business.

Hold Space to See and Be Seen

If we truly see each other, we can find an ever-growing capacity for empathy. And if we are truly seen, we can give our gifts to the world.

Hold Space for Understanding

As a society, how often do we sit in our thrones of self-righteousness? We need to find a way to understand the foreign language of our opposition and understand a world where we can collaborate for a better world.

Hold for Increased Complexity

As descendants of the cosmos, it is our duty to move forward into a world of Increased Ordered Complexity - one in which we must continuously grow and reach for the next rung of cosmic evolution.

Urite Yoshi


Good for Buyer - As our client or customer, we hope to bring you products that reach beyond basic standards of quality.

Kaite Yoshi


Good for Seller - We look to value our workforce, we want to ensure that we can strike the healthy balance of working life.

Seken Yoshi


Good for Society - We need to focus on our local and global communities to ensure that we are not taking more than we are giving. Investing in more than just business.


We want to give everyone we work with the opportunity to show up as their full-selves - unabridged. Here, we can create a courageous culture of creativity and innovation where we can move together in unison.


In our authenticity, we must also bring dignity to ourselves and others. In dynamic combination with authenticity, we will find our natural rhythms that can bring our work into harmony with Sanpo-Yoshi.

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We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.

Toni Morrison | Writer and Nobel Laureate

Our Business Strategy

The growth of this philosophy is inspired by all corners of the world. And we look to translate the essence of a traditional Japanese philosophy into the modern world:

Sanpo Yoshi (三方よし)

This means a three-way focus between business, our clients, and the global community.