Take the First 3-Steps

Journey's can last a lifetime, and stories can go on eternally. But as always, it begins with the first step - well, three in this case. In our world today, we are used to marketers and organizations telling us what we need, what we want. In a chase for efficiency, your options are limited to defined expectations. 


At Your Service Freelancing is more than just a business - we are here to be a partner, teammate, and collaborator. Our specialization is you, our potential client, and defining a uniquely tailored service for YOUR needs, budget, and goals that you have set out.

Admittedly, it sounds like a complicated task, and that's why we turned it into just three steps. 

  1. Contact

  2. Discuss

  3. Plan

Take your first step, and get a FREE Writing Audit.

1  — Contact


Well, we can't start if we don't get in contact! Let us know you're out there and ready to take a new direction. A journey of a thousand steps begins with one foot in front of the other.

So, find our contact page, copy our e-mail, or memorize our phone number by heart. It doesn't matter how you start; just let us hear what you have to say!


We can give you the grand tour of who we, let you in on our Company Overview, and make sure we start off going in the right direction. We believe that an educated client is our best client, and collaboration is at the heart of what we do.

2  — Discuss

Set Destination

Here, our ears are open, and our pens are like lighting on the notepaper. You know what we're all about, but now it's your turn to tell us what we need to know.

What are your values?
Where are you heading to?
What works for you?
Are you ready?

This is where we take it all in and get ready for our third step. With a little magic and inspiration, we set ourselves up for the most exciting stage - planning!

3 — Plan

Chart Our Course

We are planners; nothing is better than taking an unknown future and creating something out of it. Here, we will handle everything from our last two steps and develop the multi-faceted Writing Plan that can take us months or years forward.


Now, nothing's set in stone. The only thing that competes with an extensive plan is breaking from it for a chance of new adventure and discovery! These will be our guidelines - the route first seen traveled. Opportunities lay around every corner, and there is always a hidden journey. Let's take it back to step one and start the journey with a FREE Writing Audit!

Our Services

Our Services

Growing a community and presence around your business takes efforts from different angles. Here, our focus is on three areas: Blogging, Newsletters, and Social Media. With our Writing Audit, we will get to develop a chance to find the best combination for you.


Blogging is a key to building a consistent presence around your website and business. With our innovative approach, we will add more than just articles - we will create a breathing foundation of information and stories.


Keeping your audience updated on both business and community matters will help you maintain a relationship that endures the years.

Social Media

With a reliable and wide-ranging social media presence, you will be able to build and showcase what makes your company so unique.

Writing Audit

Our Service

With our writing audit, we bring you our services in an individualized package. We will bring you our services to fit specifically for you and your company!

Your Budget

We want to attend to all of our clients. We understand the nature of a growing startup, and we want to offer a growth plan that fits into your budget, large or small.

Your Needs

Every company has a different set of needs that have to be met. Whether it is a focus on your growth of community building, we want to know your goals.

Our Attention

Your values are at the heart of it, and we will give them the attention they deserve. Let it be what shapes our course and deepens our relationship with you.

At Your Service Freelancing

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