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At Your Service

A Demand for Bold & Persistent Experimentation

“We the people…” Three words that set the foundations for the United States of America. With terms set out on paper, an entire nation learned to function—the first country developed on an idea. You may wonder what that has to do with this blog series, and admittedly it may be a stretch. But my life has been a series of stretches.

It was a stretch when I started as an automotive technology major—already planning on how I could build a chain of shops full of integrity and grit—something to be unrivaled.

It was a far stretch when I jumped majors and pursued an education in accounting—already dreaming of the upper echelons of the field—the Big Four.

It was a far stretch when I gave up my second Ernst & Young internship to build my own business—At Your Service Freelancing.

And everything I have planned from here on out is, for lack of a better word, a far stretch.

So, what does that have to do with the American constitution?

The founding fathers saw a world where all men are created equal. The words on these original documents became the lungs that brought life to the young nation. We set this organizational blog out to do the same. We not only want to set our foundation of values but an ever-expanding ground on which we can grow.

And like me, this organization will move forward on “far stretches.” And that’s the culture we are looking to create.

We will build up and tear down the same idea with persistence. We will dare to lead and have the courage to take a risk. And we want to bring transparency to a level that moves beyond what the modern corporate world supplies today. Our efforts are for one thing:

  1. At Your Service Freelancing aims to create art through the services we provide—while also seeking to be an art form in and of itself.

“The connection between art and the moral life has languished because we are losing our sense of form and structure in the moral world itself… we need a new vocabulary of attention.” Iris Murdoch.

Yes, we are a business, but with an artistic dance, we look to bring fresh ways to learn about our company's truth—to hear the stories that make At Your Service Freelancing brand what it is.

Daring Leadership

We aim to not only be a future leader but to cultivate leadership in our employees. We expect those to grow and keep reaching for new heights. And, there will be rungs on the ladder that goes beyond our organization.

We want to develop employees no matter their projected path, which means we aim to create an extended network of alumni that will continue to change the working world. And with ideas from minds like Brené Brown, we hope to usher in a new era of leaders.

Diversity Matters

Diversity Matters, in any instance, and grows ever more critical in a creative workspace. We want to nurture a brand that accepts diversity in ranges wider than our world today. We hope to dawn a new era in minority and gender equality—a task of mighty proportions. And with ideas from people like Glennon Doyle, we will work our way to the mountaintop.

On the Horizons

A company founded in 2020, we aim to keep our eyesight alignment. On the Horizons will hold ideas and visions that we are actively pursuing in our daily operations. Whether it be in the form of employee development, community engagement, or product announcements, you will see it here first.

A mission statement is important, but bringing it to life is equally critical.

Transparency Report

Our Transparency Report is where you’ll find valuable information on our short-term operations. Here, you will find our fundamental beliefs, documents of values, and other transformational pieces.

As we’ve said before, we are value-driven. Here, you will see the successes and failures of a growing company looking to shift the corporate world.

Final Thoughts

This is our starting point, our seed from which a next-generation organization will sprout. The journey will be long and engender doubters, but the arena doors are open.

We, the people of At Your Service Freelancing, to form a more perfect working world, demand bold, persistent experimentation.

Special Thanks!

Photo by Anthony Garand on Unsplash

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