Bernie Sanders DNC: A Fight for Democracy

Updated: Aug 25

Bernie Sander’s speech, the second to undergo our unique analytics, starts to put the score into perspective. As Michelle Obama’s came in around 1.59, this speech came in at 13.10. In his eight and a half minutes, he pointed to the opposition’s failure and inadequacy just as much as the former first lady did in a speech twice the length. This difference makes for an interesting comparison of the underlying division that hides under the call to unity.

America in Scope

Democracy has driven the United States through some of the worst eras in history. Through the Great Depression, through debilitating pandemics, and tense race relations, it has always been able to come out in success. As we are heading through troubled times, we are beginning to face problems that echo some of the worst decades of American history.

Throughout his speech, Bernie Sanders was keen on focusing on the shape of the present day. With the “worst public health crisis in 100 years,” and the “worst economic collapse since the Great Depression,” he paints a picture that many American citizens are laying witness too. This weight is something that he isn’t taking lightly, and something that Trump is “incapable of addressing.”

Presidential Negligence

It is without hesitance that Bernie takes a stand against the Trump administration. In time, the president’s incapability grew into a case for negligence and fraud as the “unthinkable has become normal.”

“Trump golfs,” was at the centerpiece of this claim as he claimed the current state of America to a burning Rome. It was through “fraudulent executive orders” that the president has been unable to address the economic problems of individuals, families, and small businesses. Through “rejecting science,” attacks on doctors, and “refusal to take strong action” to produce the needed equipment for health care workers, Bernie says that Trump has “put our lives and health and jeopardy.”

Saving American Democracy

Draining the swamp was a pitching point for the president's 2016 campaign. With it, the president reached the silent majority and disenfranchised individuals who felt like they lost their voice in the world. For Bernie, this has become Trump’s most significant act of negligence, and one that is beginning to lead America down the “path of authoritarianism.” In his eyes, it is not just Trump's incapability and negligence that calls for a change of leadership during these elections but the call to save American democracy with a win for Biden.

In the closing statements, Bernie says that our democracy, economy, and the planet are all at stake in this election.

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