Joe Biden DNC Speech: Our Moment to Make History and Hope Rhyme

As Joe Biden accepted his nomination to become the presidential hopeful, he followed the consistent pattern of painting two America’s. Scoring a 2.22, he comes in just under the average that we’ve seen thus far from Harris, Sanders, and the former first couple.

An America Cloaked in Darkness

As he begins, Biden puts the current state of American society almost entirely on Trump's shoulders, a man who "has cloaked America in darkness for much too long. Too much anger. Too much fear. Too much division."

With his perspective, he then draws to some of the most troubling times in American history. It was nearly a century ago, when Franklin Roosevelt became president, and it was then when he “insisted” he would “recover and prevail, and he believed America could as well.” As a nation coming out of the Great Depression and facing the certainty of a World War, we can see that the current situation troubles Biden. This strong comparison becomes a paramount example of what Biden believes he can do for the everyday American reality.

With a president “who takes no responsibility, refuses to lead, blames others, cozies up to dictators, and fans the flames of hate and division,” Biden offers selflessness and humility to power his plans for change.

A President with a Plan

Though inauguration wouldn’t be until January, Biden has promised a strategy that gets “control of the virus that’s ruined so many lives,” by “implementing the national strategy I’ve been laying out since March.” This plan includes deploying “raid tests with results,” providing the medical supplies and protective equipment, and plans for schools and other public areas.

To address the economy, Biden proposes building the foundations of American society. From developing transportation infrastructure to bringing in 5 million manufacturing and technology jobs, he believes that he will "rebuild our economy."

In the face of an America "cloaked in darkness," Biden promises to “protect America,” from attacks seen and unseen.

Years in the Making

As we wrap up and conclude the major speeches from the Democratic National Convention, we notice a pattern. This pattern, found on both sides of the divide, is why we started America in Depth.

As the two storylines of American history run congruently, there are, with no surprise, many areas where there are stark contrasts. Amidst the chaos, there has been a consistent pattern of removing empathy from points of the opposition. Just as with groundbreaking forms of art, it takes a careful calculation to understand why a picture or song may tell a story of truth.

As Americans, we have had many successes and many failures. Creating a nation with a diverse set of ties is one of the achievements. And for the failures? We have found a complete inability to tie together what makes us all the same. Though this is the biggest problem, it also serves as a potential for global success.

As Americans, we have magnified the problem of bringing together diverse thoughts. And so, it should be here that we find the rawest patterns of why the world lives in the distance.

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