Media and Marketing: The Interdependent Relationship

With the terms like "fake news" being thrown around these days, we find a growing distrust of media outlets. And so, we see the wars on the media and news industry. Often, we comfort ourselves by demonizing the motivation of corporate executives.

The problem in this situation comes with the fact that we live in a relentless economic structure. Now, before we take that statement as a call for revolution, let’s dissect it a little further.

When we find ourselves upset at corporate greed, we play victim to ease ourselves of social responsibility. The reason for their strategies is that they meet the needs of the public. It's not that corporations are forcing trends, but following them.

Marketing and Economics

The law of supply and demand strictly applies to our society's many industries—the media industry included. The requirements of the public are rather rigid, as are the profit needs of the companies. And with this, we create a cycle that stagnates mainstream thought.

The marketing teams of corporate giants are looking for the many markets they can create content for. As unfortunate as it is, these companies don’t tailor their strategies to develop groundbreaking markets that push society forward.

When we realize this, we notice that it creates a general stagnation of the market. People keep demanding the same perspectives, and so they keep being supplied with the same information. When we cannot understand this, we become upset as we forget our part in politics and thought patterns.

One thing we can’t change is the average perspective of the market and the public. As long as there is any competitive market, there will be no need for the public to change position or perspective.

Fake News

One problem in the media industry is the stark contrast of the biases within different news providers. However, the relationship between the viewers and publishers is on interdependent terms.

When we step away from the political divide, we have a full view of the chasm between American thought. Each side of the American divide believes it has the whole truth when both are only a shade of reality. There is a formidable force within politics that limits our ability to change from both sides of the problem. As it comes with a distrust of those we oppose and fear of betraying one's own.

Politics have almost reached the standard of religion with the number of preconceived notions we pull from specific affiliations. Opposing viewpoints go as far as judging morality, intelligence, and many other determinants of worth based on each other’s perspective.

Competition proves as a rich source of motivation until two sides reach standards that grow in salience for all those involved. And it is here that we need to step into a mentality of collaboration to move forward as a civilization.

The Stereotypes

Another problem in the media and entertainment industries is the consistently perpetuated stereotypes. When viewing artistic interpretations of unfamiliar cultures or parts of society, we are prone to accepting these as full truths. It arises in forms of comparative comedy, movies, and personal interpretations of news stories.

Like the other problems, developing beyond this is more than just dismantling the industry for its inadequacies. Their failure doesn't make them an example of evil, but it points to other parts of society's inefficiency. At the source of it all, is the distance between individuals from opposing corners of society.

We must shift the public's beliefs through a more-in-depth representation of our opposition as we bring an understanding between two sets of people foreign to each other. The corporations will not do it, nor should they, because that’s not their part in society.

The Responsibility of Awareness

It is when we are aware of a problem we become frustrated with the system that creates it. But it is when we understand how big of a part we play; we change it.

The media industry's frustrations should not be a call for revolution or the destruction of all that there is. It is up to the aware individuals to break into the industry and find the outlying trends large corporations won't or can't pick up.

The demand won’t change until consumers can physically see the need for a new trend.

The supply won’t change until marketers see trends shifting power away from their companies.

Final Thoughts

This society, like all others, is plagued with problems and inconsistencies. Our pride of individuation is just as much of a strength as it is a weakness. For when we strive to shine under different lights, we do just that. It's this tendency that can alienate entire populations with one-dimensional understandings. Everything that makes us stand out and feel unique from the world is another reason that pushes us away from the opposition.

This call is not to demonize the other side for misunderstanding us. The problems we face are naturally human and affects each person on the face of this earth. We have the chance to dissect each other's differences in the name of unity as we come together as a community. And this means dismantling your beliefs as we strip away to find our highest truths.

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Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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