Seeing the Full Picture: The Essences Beyond Creativity

Creativity and the need for it will follow you wherever you go. The paths we take criss, and they cross, and all of our purposes very. Whether you choose the traditional academic route, build a business empire, or be a wandering soul of the creative arts, you must be original. Creativity is more than art. From problem-solving to understanding, the world takes a certain degree of artistic perspective.

The struggle with this comes to the nuanced nature of creativity. The masterpieces and success of the most gifted individuals can be quite intimidating. Success is something many people want in one form or another, but as we grab for it, we realize there is always something more. This endless chase is the exhausting equivalent of the mile no one wanted to run in high school.

"The reason you want to be better is the reason you're not." ~ Alan Watts

And so, we romanticize and fantasize about what it means to live out our full potential. Well, here is a secret—no one ever reaches the fullness of potential. Our full-potential would be perfection, and this is a state that no human has ever achieved.

What about those lucky people that seem to have it all? The only thing that separates's them is the full understanding of human imperfection. When we realize that there is no such thing as perfect, we have one of two choices.

  1. Be upset with the fact. A decision most of us make in adulthood as we grow cynical of everyone around us.

  2. Be happy with the human experience, and find joy where others don't.

Those who chose the second are the ones who glow with the golden hue of happiness, but this often gets them labeled as naïve, but the very nature of change is peculiar. To grow, we must first accept that imperfection is a perfect puzzle piece in our current existence. We must then accept our realities and fully embrace them before we can change them.

The Essences

In ancient Greece, there was a philosophical idea thrown around by the great minds of the day. Whenever we attempt to make an expression of our beliefs, there is always what we imagine and then the physical outcome. The concept in our imagination is what we call the essence of our creations—what should be—the perfect fit into the world we live in.

Through the faults of our intellect and perceptions, we have polluted it by the time we recreate our imaginations in the actual world. Whether it's our biases or misunderstandings, our creations are only a fraction of what we expected. The greatest successes understood this. Expertise brings the ability to present a more substantial fraction of our perfect imagination and predict where we may fall short.

Creatives are the best examples of this truth, and I suspect that's why we stereotype an artist's life with promiscuity and questionable vices. Imagine consistently trying to say something, showing something, and it always comes out as something less.

If you want an example of how this can be, look at a patient with Broca's aphasia. The words sound perfect in their minds, but what they say comes out as a word salad that no one can digest. It must be frustrating, right?

Well, that's the case not for only creatives, but all of us. In the massive scale of the world, it becomes diluted as we develop similar understandings and imperfections. It's an illness that no one diagnoses with anything more than the ascription of ignorance.

"Oh, they're just a(n) *insert any insult here*."

And that, my dear readers, is life as we know it.

Damaged Children

Whatever happened to that starry-eyed child you used to be? Many of us, we can equate the loss of this innocence to something like this scene here:

As you pull the cigarette from your mouth, these words cracking with the rasp of age follow, "That's life kid—the world is an unfriendly place that doesn't give a damn who you are or what you stand for."

When we were young, every time we heard that, our hopeful inner child hid deeper and deeper into our psyche until we became the one to crush dreams.

I was a hard child with the essence of Jimmy Durante's Young at Heart playing in the background, and I refused to accept that as an answer. Do you know what happened? My voice got raspier, and my heart got colder. Well, until I flipped my perspective.

Children aren't "little adults in training—no." Adults are big children who gave up on being happy. I applaud those of you who didn't lose hope because I know how hard that is in this world.

Communicating the Essences

All we are trying to do in this world is to communicate our highest truths. Above it all, no matter who you are, that truth is the love and happiness that we lost in our youth. The further we drift from that truth, the colder we get, and the more broken our message. Our fragmented perceptions refract reality in a crooked trail become our labels, and if the cracks are deep enough? Then we face the diagnoses of psychological illnesses and the exile of society.

Whether you look up to religion or science for truth, the goal is peace, harmony, and love. Whether you believe you are God's creation or you are a part of the same evolution that created the stars, there is an agreement. You come from something great—we all are. Something bigger than us, we will never fully understand because of its vast complexity. So, when it comes down to it, what is the difference between God and science beyond the words we use to describe them? I'll wait.

I'm still waiting.

Fo the individuals that weren't offended let that curiosity guide you. All those differences don't point to the essence of what is nor could they ever. Our understandings of the grand schemes of creation will forever be a mystery. There is something noble and unfathomable that created all of this. The rest is the illness of believing we know anything at all.

"I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is I know nothing." Plato

Final Thoughts

Stories of the world will be the collection of human truths told from all corners of humankind. We are all a part of the same thing, and the only way we can discover that is through understanding what makes us imperfect.

I dare you to be that kid again. To find your inner-child and build the world they so dearly wanted to see. A world united in a community isn't impossible, and we all have to pick up our duty in believing in it. The only reason it is out of our reach is that we all gave up on it.

Special Thanks!

Photo by Nicolas HIPPERT on Unsplash

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