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The Human Legacy

Updated: Aug 23

What Could Have Been?

When I think of what can be – I always investigate the darkened nights of history and wonder what could have been.

What could have been if the eyes of dictators weren't empty and cold?

What could have been if wars were, instead, lively expressions of endless creation, not conquests of a finite world? Where the passions of men created a better tomorrow instead of taking the chance of tomorrow from a distant brother?

What could have been?

Understanding the Mysteries of Our Existence

For centuries, the hands of science have allowed us to understand the patterns of the Infinite Unknown. From the heat of stars, the farthest reaches of distant planets, and beyond to the endless abound of space between. We are beginning to see – beginning to understand the mysteries of our existence.

We come not from an alien creation but from this one. We descend not just from men but from the murky clouds of distant space – the gas giants that have burned for eons. What lives within us is not a force of destruction but of everlasting expansion.

Not only was it man that has died to get us where we are, but the cosmos. We are the creators lying ground for what has yet to be created. We are the infinite unknown that we fail to see. All of creation plays the same role as you, me, and everyone alive, dead, and yet conceived.

You have a mind, built within skin and bone, that can conceive all creation in the previews of imagination.

We are creation in itself – being creation itself – to create more of itself.

The Molten Lavas of Human Civilization

And in the eyes of a child, fresh and unbound from our earthly distractions, we find the purest expression of what it means to be human. Born into an infinite existence, they slowly come to discover that they are in a world lost in itself.

With minds hot and hearts cold, the molten lavas of human civilization have yet to settle into what it's supposed to be. Apart from the few, our childish hearts freeze too, despite our greatest advances – and our minds boil with frustration, wondering what could have been.

What could have been?

When I look at this world, when I really look at what it means to be human, I don't see a character who really loves himself for the truths of love, but despite himself, who boisterously demands love of an untrue heart to hide his own faint beating vessel.

I see not political casualties of indifference but a crusade upon oneself in the refusal of his own wholeness.

I see not a sense of worth because of one's scruples but because the human character has no choice but to use shame to crush his adversary.

The Thaumatrope of Democracy

Man can only love to the extent of his ignorance. And we look at the division of this world, and we ask, why do they do this to us? And we forget, we are imperfect beings with perfect imaginations – superimposing demands that we, ourselves, can't meet.

We are in a cataclysmic fight to be heard in this complex arrangement of screeching. Our incessant inconsistency is a repulsive representation of our minds and the anxieties that we harbor from the world around us.

No matter how far we reach and how loud we get, this is what is to continue – a continuous coalescence of voices that sound absurd to the poorly tuned ear.

And what we forget, desperately so, is that this one truth has two sides.

The Thaumatrope of Democracy can not envision the future it deserves – will not imagine such a fortune if it first can't accept the differences of the other side. Together, in an endless action, we can become one unified whole – and only then will the wars stop, famine will cease to destroy us, and we all become truly equal.

And so I ask once more; what could have been?

What can be?

The Human Legacy

I see a world in which we are all unique to ourselves but unified in a single chase. This is not a chase of superior morality, not of competition. Human history is not a spiraling destiny of misfortune to the depths of hate but a collaborative endeavor to the mountain top of the human legacy. In this world, the shining eyes of youth will not dim in a mysterious world. It will be a world where the steel woven armor of distrust will not cage our hearts, and we will be freed from the thirst of hate.

The dark places will be made light.

And man will be made whole.

To stay in time with the world we live in, we must grow and not be anchored with the idea of being the pinnacle of all creation.

We must believe that there is a better version of being human, a better version of ourselves, a better understanding of this civilization that we can hand the baton off. If we don't, we will fulfill our prophecies and ensure that we are the last ones.

To get there, we must realize the paradox that looking back to our children is our best way forward. Before we can ever speak our earthly language, we must realize that our mother tongue is the language of the heart – a language embedded into us in our youth.

We must see that looking forward to our death ensures our death. But if we look back to our children and our children's children, we realize that we are not actually looking backward – but towards the future – they are our the keys to a better world.

The universe lives within you in your own concept, and you must learn it, so we can all enjoy the truth that lives inside of you. And to share that process with all that is to come.

May it be our duty to show others what we no longer fear.

May it be our honor to wrap the wounds of our hearts.

And may it be our peace when we can finally understand the truth of the human legacy.

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