What's the Story?

What’s the Story Campaign

As we look to raise the standards with all that we produce, we understand the strong indirect relationship between quality and quantity. So, to mend this, we are coming up with a way to keep you updated on our upcoming stories and articles.

Whether we are looking to give you the full scope of a debate or connect with in-depth characters in a historical story, we want you to follow the breadcrumb trail to the full development. So, through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, we will be running this campaign.

With daily updates, we will lead you through the coming days of development with:

  1. Statistics

  2. Influences, Mentions, & Quotes

  3. Questions & Answers

  4. Quick-Reads

  5. Anything Else That Gives a Quick Glance Into Upcoming Posts

Our dedication is to you, our audience, and creating a manageable schedule here as well. With transparency, we hope to give you clarity in our curation process and maybe a little inkling of anticipation for what’s to come!

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