A Mic with No Audience: Music and the Nuances of Sorrow

Sorrowful music is perhaps one of the most angelic and beautiful sounds ever to grace the human ear. To compose such blue emotion, be it through the strings of an orchestra or the keys of a piano, takes a rare heart, one that sees both the bliss and hardship that is this emotion sadness. To be happy, you are unaware of all that there is. To be angry is to ignore all that there is. But to be sad – to mourn? It is here where all of the human experiences coalesce. Sadness is not a tragic curse, but rather a burden that is this thing we call life. Between every note, hiding between the staff lines is the happiness we once felt. It takes passion and love for what was to understand the sorrowful woes of Chopin’s Prelude in E-minor. All too often, we classify this emotion with a furrowed brow – woe is me. But to genuinely revel in its beauty while keeping one’s head above the surface, is one of the greatest feelings one can achieve. Though you are bound to its weight, you can find freedom in all it once was. The Transformative Power of Classical Music The beauty of classical music has long gone underappreciated. In a world of instant gratification and ease, we refuse to slow ourselves down to enjoy the halls of music’s past. To open ourselves to classical music is more than just pretentious superiority. When done correctly, it sings to the heart of the king and the soul of the pauper. Classical music is not supposed to be danced to, not physically, anyway. But it also doesn’t ask the listener to be still either. It calls the soul within us – the emotion it evokes – and it invites them to be together. In this eternal rhythm between our heart and soul, our minds transport us to the farthest reaches of our being. As the notes cascade, we fall to a graceful descent. In the swell of a rising crescendo, we are lifted again by the angels who caught us. By the end of the piece, you should slowly drift back to your seat, where you rest after the journey of several lifetimes. Or perhaps that’s all just me. But what an experience it is. Music is and should be more than just some sounds that make for a beautiful couple. Music should take the memories and emotional experiences of another soul and allow you to live a life that was never yours – as your own. We are all alone in this world, but we are all together with that in mind. Our souls have the language to break the barriers that we build in fear, but it rarely ever has a voice to speak. Music, music is that voice. It’s one of the few archaic languages that speak more than the mind ever could – a call for the beauty that lays at our very core. Or perhaps that’s all just me. But what a beautiful song that would make. Final Thoughts This post was short and sweet, but I hope it sparked a bit of curiosity in your heart. This world is full of human-made divisions that we use to create an illusory safety. “From this nettle danger, we pluck this flower, safety” ~ William Shakespeare. For the entire history of our species, we have come up with countless reasons not to trust others who live among us. We all know that we should love thy neighbor, but the problem is that we can choose our neighbors. We can’t, though. No matter how persuasive we think we are or how much force we use, there is always going to be a contrasting appeal to our argument. It is at the very moment that we decide someone is wrong that we choose a path that rarely has an end. And if it does, then it will only culminate into the tragic climax of infamous genocides. The hero has always been an inch away from failing. The only problem is, he’s not fighting evil – he’s fighting righteousness with a different mask on. Special Thanks! Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash

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