Dream Chasing: The Easiest Hard Thing you Can Do

…Or maybe it’s the Hardest Easy Thing You Can Do? The Joys of Life is where we will find and tell the inspirational stories not everyone gets to hear. Part of me wants to help others find inspiration and the other part? The other part knows this is for me as well. So, let us look at this blog line as one part enjoying the love of others, and one-part personal blog and journal. I guess I’ll begin by introducing myself. For everything, you’re about to read, thank Brené Brown’s Netflix special, The Call to Courage. Opening myself to the world like this? Well, it activates my gag reflex, to be honest. My life has been somewhere between ordinary and an exceptionally unique one. Sort of like a roller coaster–full of fun flips and turns that you don’t really see as fun until they’re over…because you are afraid of roller coasters, heights, and you have severe motion sickness. Writing, blogging, and advocating is attempt number three in building a professional foundation. Before I go any further, knowing that this post can be read by anyone, is a purely excruciating thought. Anyhoo… Now, my first attempt–automotive technology. I did pretty darn well too. Scholarships, top grades, y’know–all the necessary components for a (not so humble) humblebrag. Second attempt? Accounting and I must admit that it was more excruciating than this vulnerability thing. (Hopefully, I didn’t pick up on the dullness of that profession). I ended up with an internship offer with a top firm (Ernst and Young) …that I denied so I could start following my dreams. The first lesson of following your dreams: after some of your biggest sacrifices, you spend many a night wondering about your sanity. *Currently laughing off that pain* Now here we are, risking everything safe and comfortable to be a writer. My office is still my bedroom, and my mom is my biggest (perhaps only) supporter. With that said, I want to take this opportunity to walk side by side with you, other dreamers, out there for one big reason. Inspirational people tell you how wonderful chasing your dreams is. Finding your purpose is supposed to be the most rewarding thing there is, right? But here’s the secret they calmly glide over. Chasing your dreams is, quite frankly, f*cking terrible. Before you get through to that realized dream, life puts you through the wringer a dozen times more than you thought possible. It’s an endless cycle of self-refinement. However, no matter how much you want to quit, you can’t. I’m not just talking about the long hours of work and endless doubt–no. It’s a lonely endeavor. Even with the most reliable support systems, which I am personally grateful to have, there’s still a gap between you and them. As long as your dream is inside your head, you are the only one who sees it, the only one who feels it. Many of your first steps are just mental organization. This leaves very little room for measurable progress. By the time you are ready to put the first seeds into the world, you just got out of the wringer for the 20th time, and your motivation is in a dormant state. When it starts to come together, you realize how much of the work you just did isn’t going to make it in the final product. That becomes an even more tremendous discouragement. AND THEN!!!!!!!!!! You do that all over again–for that dozen or so times… BUT WAIT!!!!!!! There is this one time when you find that spaceship of dreams, and the mountains you just climbed, become anthills. I know this sounds like an essay on why you shouldn’t chase your truth. If I was trying to do that, this would only be the abridged version…merely the synopsis of my book on Why Not to Chase Your Dreams. Which is apart of 5 book series. In my collection of 12 series. In the library of… I think you get the point. This is not for that, though, I promise. You know why? Because although it’s difficult, you will quickly realize that there’s nothing you’d instead do. Stepping into your potential pushes away all of the problems of the past. Then you become the hero on the dance floor that everyone cheers on. I dare every single one of you who read this, to get ready to make sacrifices and go up, up, and away! The Joys of Life will bring you inspiration from every corner of the globe to help you on this journey. We may all be on our own, but at least we’re all in that together. (Yes, that’s a line from P.S. I Love You). What business do you want to build? What stages do you want to perform on? What’s your dream? Let’s take this journey together. READY, SET, GOpher!! Until Next Time, Keane Special Thanks To: Photo by Martin Olsen on Unsplash

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