Kamala Harris DNC Speech: Telling Her Story of Progress

Kamala Harris accepted her vice-presidential nomination on the 18th, and with it came an empathetic storyline for the democratic hopefuls. In it, Harris scored a 4.01 on our Duality Factor scale. Characteristically unique of the analyzed speeches during this convention, Kamala took a route that circumvented much talk about Donald Trump. As she builds the world around Biden and herself, she refrains from knocking down the opposition. A Daughter of Strife and a Father of Resilience Harris, a daughter of a single mother, told her story of the many struggles faced by her family. With a dream of curing cancer at the age of 19, her mother moved to America. Throughout, Kamala speaks on how her mother’s values translated into who she is today. It was in her mother, sister, second mother, and all those around her that she garnered her sense of community that she speaks on repeatedly throughout the speech. The story of the “most important person in her life,” fell to the illness that she sought out to beat when she was younger. Kamala’s touched upon her growth as an individual and the accomplishment in her life. Giving a fight for children, sexual assault victims, justice, and political service. All to come to the solemn moment of being on a stage her mother “would have never imagined.” Kamala uses this story to resonate with her journey with the hearts of her fellow Americans. Her empathy extended to the struggles of Joe Biden. In time, she talked about Joe and his younger years of fatherhood. Four hours on a daily train between Wilmington to Washington, breakfast with his suns every morning, stories before bed, and an unconditional love. For her, these, and the stories of all Americans, are the bedrock for being American and vice presidential nominee. The Past is Pushing Us Forward to Community “We stand on their shoulders,” is where Kamala builds her foundation for were her, Joe, and all American’s stand on. She points to how she is made from her mother’s life. Joe is built from his struggles. And we are all built on the strife of those who “organized, testifies, rallied, marched, and fought.”

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