Something More: The Curious Unknown

Do you remember that moment in your life? Yeah. That moment. The moment when existence itself ceased to exist. The moment so pure that you transcended all your problems if even for only a split second. It’s the hardest thing to find because you can’t search for it. But it’s the simplest thing to be – because all you have to be is nothing at all. It was when that ‘something more’ became something now. I’ve wondered for years on end – what is the core of a language, society, and community? What pushes us into the curious unknown when we’re children? What pulls us to knowledge and wisdom as adults? What is at the core of every system and transaction? I’m no philosopher, nor am I some Einsteinian genius. However, I’m willing to bet that that feeling is the source of everything we have created. The struggle is putting a definition to it. Destiny, God, The Universe, Passion, Science, and Life Purpose??? Only humans can find a way to disagree on the one thing we all agree on! The Joys of Life is a blog like all the others and none at the same time. Admittedly, that can’t be so – or can it? As the music of tension plays and you sit wondering about the plausibility of that statement, I will make you wonder a little bit more as I digress. Okay. I’m done digressing. So, how can this be so?? Blogs celebrate and explore a topic of passion, and that’s where you’ll find this blog to be the same. However, I will be looking to celebrate the celebration itself – inspiration and the quest for something more. With people at the core of what is to come – stories, interviews, and articles about passion are the inspiration in mind. It sounds like a challenge, doesn’t it? Undoubtedly, we will face our toughest challenges as brains fight to keep up the lines we have drawn in the sand. But when they fall to the wayside, we all have one thing in common. So, lettuce share what is at the core of our highest loyalties and dive into what it means to be human… …My apologies for the pun Throughout the years, we have become overwhelmed with our livelihoods. We have created communities around beautiful ideas and things in this world. And if that was not enough, we have created communities within these communities. And then some more communities within those! It’s all so confusing. How do we manage to keep everything straight??? *Cough Cough* Oh, well, we don't. In the web of it all, we get caught up and then put our guard up. The Joys of Life looks to weed out the exclusivity of a single passion…But also accept that exclusivity. It sounds impossible, I know. But bear with me, and if you have not figured it out yet, contradiction is fundamental in this pursuit. Be ready to be confused by this beautiful thing we call language! That feeling of ‘something more’ is pretty cool, isn’t it? That’s all we need to remember. So, with that said, let’s find it together no matter what we call the source. We’ll find it in artists, chefs, and musicians. We’ll find it in Christians, Muslims, and Atheists. We’ll find it in all cultures, societies, and individuals. But most importantly, we’ll find it in you, our reader... The only problem now is – what’s the tagline? The Joys of Life: Where We Become Human The Joys of Life: The Community of Communities My favorite of all… The Joys of Life: Where the Hell is Waldo – He Must be Hiding the Secret!!! Special Thanks! Photo by Jordan Wozniak on Unsplash

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