The First Few Lines of a Triumphant Story

This moment is where we begin – these are the first few lines of the story I’m going to write for the years to come. Undoubtedly, this is not my first attempt…nor, is it my second. Honestly, I have lost count on how many times it’s taken me to materialize the dream I know I must follow. Following your dreams is no easy task, and it makes the mastery of oneself to truly get into the arena and face the world with dauntless courage. So, before I begin, I want to talk about something important – something I hope will shine through, day in and day out. It’s been my hardest battle, and it’s on a battlefield; not many can truly conquer. And that is to be vulnerable and allow yourself to feel because it is when we accept our entirety and have the courage to show it to the world that we can be happy and free. Whatever you feel you must do, then you must do it and continue without looking back. Failure is imminent but you have the strength to get back up. Education. Music. Food. Fiction. As of right now, those are going to be the four cornerstones of what’s to come. I am sure that everything will shape and form with the landscape of the future, but this is where I begin. I’m going to start small with the building blocks of each of these categories, and with time and patience, they will grow with me. Are you ready to see what’s next? Then get ready because it’s going to be a roller coaster.

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