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The Student of Tomorrow

The Qualities of Flourishment

Creating a Cultivating Environment  for the Minds of Tomorrow

The Five Qualities of Student Flourishment

Education is more than just transferring information from teacher to student. It's about cultivating the minds that sit in the seats - nurturing the minds of tomorrow. The Qualities of Flourishment are the core of doing just that. Are you ready to redefine education?



Curiosity is a natural human talent. It taught us to crawl and walk as it pushed us through our youngest years. We ask around 300 questions every day at the ages of 3-4. By the time we get to high school, the only questions we ask is to excuse ourselves from the classroom. Let's find our natural wonder for growth and bring it to our class!


Teacher Relationships

Students need to find champions in their teacher relationships. This relationship often plays a significant factor in the student's interest in the subject. We have to make sure that building a healthy bond is at the core of teachers' beliefs.



The edge of diversity is the creator of the most innovative ideas. From mind, demographics, and preferences, having differences is our greatest strength. This value should be encouraged in our schools as we move away from the standardized environment.



For years, we have based our progress on our competition with others. Though it pushes us to do better, collaboration is the natural next step to create a truly inspirational environment. Can we find it in ourselves to build a new fundamental of growth and progress?


Allowance for Failure

"If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original." ~ Ken Robinson. In the dense assessment environment of today, students become afraid to fail. Their success depends on being right all the time. Unfortunately, this does not prepare them to define their own life.

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