Student of Tomorrow

Qualities of Student Flourishment

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Education is more than just transferring information from teacher to student. It's about cultivating the minds that sit in the seats - nurturing the minds of tomorrow. The Qualities of Flourishment are the core of doing just that.

Grades, the focal point from Kindergarten to a Bachelor's, often comes at the expense of developing other skills inside the classroom. And once it's time to enter the workforce, many students realize that they bear lesser importance.


Since each series is a wide range of undertakings, we have broken them down into a format of seasons and episodes. Below are the five seasons of Student of Tomorrow.

Season 1:

Emotional Intelligence

Being able to understand and navigate emotions is becoming one of the most important skills in the modern world. Let's take a dive and find what makes for a high EQ.

Season 2:

Cognitive Skills

From problem-solving to critical thinking, we need to understand the bits and components of the world. Jump in and let's find the patterns!

Season 3:


Leadership is not just some golden aspiration - everyone can be a great leader. What does it mean to cultivate it in our students?

Season 4: 


As we move forward in a increasingly divided world, we need to understand what it means to work together.

Season 5:

Qualities of Flourishment

Sir Ken Robinson spoke on the qualities that students need to grow: Curiosity, Teacher-Relationships, Diversity, Collaboration, and Allowance for Failure.