The Voice of Education

Redefining Education

We have spent the past century teaching young minds in an industrialized manner - an assembly line of information put together one piece at a time. This environment not only underestimates the natural potential of students. 

Instead of constructing the minds of tomorrow, we should provide a diverse environment that cultivates the seeds of imagination and curiosity. 

With the Voice of Education, I'll be writing about some innovative ideas and technology in education. Maybe we can push education into the 21st century and begin to step into our true potential.

There are five series for this blog, each can be found below. Enjoy!


Education in America


Student of Tomorrow


Understanding Students


Classroom Reinvented

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The Campaign 

A World of Exponential Growth

Education is the cornerstone of society and democracy, and without it, our world would not be where it is. We are progressing at an unforeseen rate where 90% of the data generated were in the last 2-years alone! It is crucial that we find new paths in education that allow us future generations to find their own way.

This task is hefty - this task needs a voice. It is not one or even a handful of educational organizations that will pull us into the future of education. No, it will take an entire network of educators, researchers, and families to make this a reality.

Mission & Vision

The mission of this campaign is to do just that - a unified network behind the success of current and future students. Here, we will combine the expertise of our researchers, the love of the parents, and the professionalism of our educators, and put it into one voice - one force.