Education in America


Schools of the Future

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Education Matters

The Voice of Education

The Project

Three pillars of democracy: sovereignty, autonomy, and freedom - come from the ability to know oneself and know the world.

For generations, education has been built on the idea of tradition, of sticking to what's worked in the past. But as we move forward into a new era, we have a chance to combine tradition with progress and let the minds of the future - build the future.

The foundation of a single truth has gotten us this far, but the modern complexities threaten our stability both globally and locally. We must find new ways to integrate our differences and reach across disciplines.

The Voice of Education is about more building students into a standardized environment, but about growing an environment that fits all students. Allowing for individualized paths, and the motivation of curiosity - finding new combinations and allowing our differences to bring us closer together.

Follow us as we explore where the schools of the future may take us.